18. Convent Riseberga (S)

The Convent was founded in the end of the 12th century. There is a letter, still excisting, that says that at that time Birger Brosa, a wealthy man close to the king, donated some estates to "the sisters in Riseberga", which means that there must have been something there earlier than end of the 12th century - but we donīt know what.

The Convent became a major landowner, mostly by donations of forest, grazing lands, fishing-waters, mills and smelting-works. The possessions of the Convent was spread over six provinces in the middle and south of present Sweden.

In the 16th century Gustav Vasa was king in Sweden. He forbid everything connecting to catholics. This together with a huge fire in 1546 was the end of Riseberga Convent. Everything fell into decay.

In the year of 1930 the walls of Riseberga Convent were built up again, but now only 50-100 cm high.

Today Riseberga is a private property but it is free to walk around in the ruins. There is possibilities for guided tours.

Riseberga is located just outside the village of Fjugesta (30 kms south-west of Örebro).

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